McAlpine Lake & Park
900 Anzar Road, San Juan Bautista. Ca  95045

                      2017 Derby Schedule
     Derby Info
Trout Derbies

                  Grand Prize $300                   Entry Fee is $35 
Derbies Begins At 7:00 am 
And Ends at 11:00 am.

No Boats, Shore Angling Only
All Fish Catch And Keep
No Live Bait
   Largest Trout By Weight Wins 
Catfish Derbies
                   Grand Prize $300                    Entry Fee is $30 
Derby Begins At 6:00 pm
 And Ends at 12:00 am

No Boats, Shore Angling Only
  All Fish Catch And Release
  No Live Bait
  Largest Catfish By Weight Wins
Check out the Derby schedule and join us for a Derby, it's a great time to get away and share some competitive fishing!  Bring your friends or family, any age can enter.  All Derby Rules apply.  More information on Derby Rules is available in printed form anytime in the General Store.
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