Everyone that enters McAlpine Lake must have a pass.
                                  All persons must wear the pass at all times
                                           on the Lake so that it is visible.

         McAlpine Lake Safety Rules:

We do not allow pets, bikes or vehicles on the Lake at any time. 
There is no swimming or wading.
Do not disturb, feed or injure the wildlife, break limbs/branches, throw rocks. disrupt       the landscape, damage property or litter.
All children must remain within the immediate care and supervision of an adult.  Do not       leave children unattended.
You must stay on the trail around the Lake.  Walking into other areas is prohibited.

         McAlpine Lake Fishing Rules:

No catch and release of Trout.  Every Trout you catch you must keep.
You may use only one fishing pole per pass.
No snagging or netting.
Fishing pole is required.  Fishing with just string is prohibited.
One stringer per person is required.  You may not fish without it.
Your "Fishing Pass" is for Trout, Bluegill, Bass and (Catfish under 3 lbs.).  Catfish over      3 lbs. are catch and release only.
Weight limit for an Adult Pass is 4 lbs., weight limit for a Youth Pass is 3 lbs..  Any     
   weight beyond the limit of the Pass is $7 per lb.. You are responsible for all of the
   fish that you catch. 
Any fish caught may not be transferred to another fisherman, thrown away or stolen.
We do not allow cleaning fish in or around the Lake.
Turn in your Pass and have your Trout weighed by staff upon leaving.
All backpacks, coats, coolers/containers and tackle boxes are subject to search.
There are absolutely no refunds or rain checks.

   Thank you for joining us!  McAlpine Lake & Park does reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime, or ask you to leave if you are disturbing the peace.  The rules of the Park are for your safety.  Any persons violating the Fishing or Safety Rules will be asked to leave.  
McAlpine Lake & Park
900 Anzar Road, San Juan Bautista. Ca  95045

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