Entrance in Springtime.
Overflow creek.
Driveway to McAlpine Lake.
Fledgling Egret landing in a redwood tree.
Gold panning ahead.
Westward view from the point.
The pump house.
View from the entrance.
Climbing roses near the boat dock.
Trail to sitting area.
Lawn area near the entrance.
Gazebo with picnic table.
Oak trees near the entrance.
Sitting area.
View from the sitting area.
Southeastern view.
Southern view, winter day.
Still water, quiet day.
Pretty in bloom.
Beautiful view of the Lake.
Picnic table along Lake trail.
Private picnic areas.
Park cabins in spring.
Ivy and blossoms on the deck.
Gold panning creek.
Trails on the Lake.
Trail along the habitat area.
Beautiful redwoods.
Small dock.
Fishing Spot!
Gold mining and view of previous entrance to the Lake.
Wild mint.
View of the creek.
Southern view.
Lake trail.
Light standard on the point.
One of our albino catfish babies!
Small dock
Many turtles all in a row!
Tent camping area.
Antique water tank.
The Nancy D.
Summer sunrise.
   SceneTastic!   Photo Album of scenes from McAlpine Lake & Park!
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